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Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Subject:Live Webcasts from Coachella
Posted by:ngt826.
Time:12:03 pm.
AT&T blue room music is bringing you live webcasts of select performances from the Coachella Music and Arts Festival from April 27-29.
Webcasts run from 3pm until midnight (P.T.). each day.
Check out the webcasts, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with the artists, and clips from the events at: http://www.attblueroom.com/music

-On behalf of AT&T
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Monday, March 6th, 2006

Posted by:parkerjparker.
Time:1:47 pm.
hi... so this thing... it's an rv-pool leaving from seattle and going to both days of coachella?

that sounds good. soooo... I would like to join as well. Provided I'm actually able to go to the festival.

Anyway, I have to ask a couple questions, of course:

1) age restrictions? This is important to ask you since I'm 17.

2) how do you feel about marijuana? this is probably more important than the age question.

so... yeah. Anyway, whether or not I can join you, or even go to the festival, good luck and have fun!

oh, and I went to coachella 2004. So, you know, I wouldn't be all freaking out and getting lost and shit.

love, PJP
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Monday, February 20th, 2006

Subject:For the new members --
Posted by:ubernacht.
Time:2:22 pm.
For those of you who are not on my friends list - and are new to seattle_coachel, here is a short clip of some Coachella 05 footage. This all takes place outside the RV, in a series of bizarre interactions with the others in the RV Park.


I will be re-evalutating the prices next week and posting them to the community. How it worked last year, was once we had the final prices, I asked that those serious about going, gave me a deposit of $100 of the total price to secure your spot. This helps to ensure that we aren't left in a position of scrambling around at the last minute due to last-minute cancellations (which we did have to do, but it was much more manageable).

So far there are only tentatives - so there is still space.

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Thursday, February 16th, 2006

Subject:Transportation ideas between LA and Coachella/Indio, Cali?
Posted by:bendulum.
Time:10:36 pm.
I'm planning on taking a flight from Canada (Vancouver) down to LA and then somehow make my way to see Massive Attack and several other acts at the Coachella festival.

Does ANYONE have any advice for how to get between LA and Coachella ??

For anyone who replies, I am most thankful!
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Wednesday, February 8th, 2006

Subject:IS IT ON?
Posted by:ubernacht.
Time:1:52 pm.
Hey all, I've updated the Community site, if interested, you can view the event details/signup info at Seattle - Coachella Community
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Saturday, February 4th, 2006

Subject:So anyone down this year....?
Posted by:ubernacht.
Time:9:59 pm.
Those attending last year ofcourse have dibs...

I'll organize it if there is enough interest....

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Thursday, April 28th, 2005

Posted by:vebelfetzer.
Time:12:43 pm.
The cockmunch who scheduled Fantomas, Coldplay and the Chemical Brothers all at the same time is fucking fired.
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Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

Posted by:jakerain.
Time:10:35 pm.
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Posted by:vebelfetzer.
Time:7:08 pm.
Anyone driving to Alex's from Bellevue? I have luggage. Needa ride.

ALSO. I know I'm supposed to DJ or some shit, but bringing my laptop/speakers is going to be a problem. My laptop is fuckered, for those not in the know, and needs an external monitor. CRTs are big, and space is probably going to be at a premium. If you guys are sure we can spare monitor space, and we definitely have someone bringing a monitor, then I'll do it. otherwise, boom box only.

I will bring my big ass boombox and my CDs, regardless. I suggest you folks bring your CDs, too.

And a random, but kinda relevant note is that I'm allergic to wasp stings, and have previously reacted by going into anaphylactic shock. Just a medical heads-up. Don't think I've been stung in about seven years, though.
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Posted by:syren666.
Time:5:36 pm.
Mood: busy.
ALL drivers need to be at my house by 1:30 so Doug can pick us up

And everyone else needs to be at my house by 7pm.

I personally am getting there EARLY so that we can finish up the shopping for the trip. Still need to go to the store to get a few things, and to get booze.

Driver Requirements
Qualified drivers 21 years of age or older possessing a valid and identifiable driver's license. A major credit card and references, employment, or a foreign passport are required as identification prior to rental and will be verified. All drivers must be listed on and sign the Rental Agreement and will be bound by Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement at vehicle pickup.

Vehicle departure time is normally between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM.

Vehicle drop off time is normally between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM only. Returns after 11:00 am may be subject to a late return fee of $25 per hour. Customer agrees that he will return unit in the same condition as he received it (excluding normal wear). A fee of up to $250 will be charged if the interior of the vehicle has not been cleaned. Damages or loss of equipment will be paid for by the renter. Holding tank must be emptied prior to return of the vehicle or be subject to an additional dump charge of up to $250.

Familiarization Tour
Familiarization tour (approximately 30 minutes to one hour) is required to acquaint the customer and drivers with the operation of the vehicle before departure. This tour is only given during office hours.

We got the The Vehicle Provisioning Kit. It includes a flashlight, can opener, bottle opener, broom with dust pan, plastic pail, spatula, cooking spoon, cooking fork, coffee cups, tumblers, plates, soup bowls, silverware, platter, tea kettle, colander, mixing bowl, and a cookware set. All item must be returned clean at end of trip.

So don't forget that you need to bring
blanket, pillow, sheet, and towel
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Monday, April 25th, 2005

Posted by:jakerain.
Time:2:00 pm.
From the Coachella FAQ----

Can we bring walkie talkies?

I know it came up in our discusson on Saturday.

Edited to add - I have a 300' roll of black on yellow "Caution" tape and about 250' of red on black "Danger" tape. For decoration.
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Friday, April 22nd, 2005

Subject:Looking better!
Posted by:syren666.
Time:10:13 am.
Hopefully the forcast stays this way...this would be PERFECT weather!

Fri Apr 29
Mostly Sunny 81°/62°

Sat Apr 30
Mostly Sunny 84°/63°

Sun May 1
Partly Cloudy 84°/63°
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Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

Subject:Things to bring...
Posted by:syren666.
Time:12:34 pm.
Can you think of anything else we need?

As a group
lots o' water
paper plates
plastic cups
plastic silverwear
pots and pans
trash bags
septic tank safe toilet paper
dish soap and sponge (for pots and pans)
blankets, sheets, pillows
xbox & games (I'll bring mine)

Personal Items
gameboy advanced & games
cell phone charger
toothbrush & toothpaste
shampoo and conditioner
perscriptions (if needed)
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Subject:Important Places, and numbers
Posted by:syren666.
Time:12:31 pm.
RV Pick-up
Ja-merica Motors
4111 NE Sunset Blvd.
Renton, WA 98059

Festival Grounds
81-800 AVENUE 51
INDIO, CA 92201

Driving Estimates
Estimated Time: 18 hrs., 43mins.
Total Distance: 1269.5 miles (2043.0km)

For transportation to the Coachella Festival
on SAT. April 30th 1 & SUN. May 1st,
TCP 014654-P
For Pickup At Your Place Of Stay:
800-767-1575 OR 760-771-9758

More Taxi NumbersCollapse )
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Subject:Because I am anal...
Posted by:syren666.
Time:12:24 pm.
Here are a bunch of FAQ's that I got from the Coachella website...


NO Instruments
NO Knives / Weapons Etc.
NO Chains / Chain Wallets
NO Blankets
NO Outside Food & Beverage
NO Camelpacks
NO Tents
NO Flags
NO Refunds Or Exchanges
NO Chairs
NO Video Cameras
NO Audio Recording Devices
NO Bota Bags
NO Professional Cameras
NO Stuffed Animals
NO Pets
NO Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia

OK Backpacks (medium)
OK Hats
OK Sun Block
OK Lighters
OK Sunglasses
OK Cigarettes
OK Small Beach Towel
OK All Ages Welcome
OK Fanny Packs
OK Digital Cameras (Non-Professional)
OK Disposable & Non-Professional Film Cameras

FACT Doors open at 11am both days
FACT Box-office opens 9am both days
FACT NO Ins & Outs
FACT Rain or Shine
FACT Parking is free
FACT Parking lots open at 9am both days
FACT Line up and set times subject to change
FACT Everyone subject to search upon entry
FACT Food/Beverage & other items are sold at the venue for CASH only
FACT Tickets to be picked up at willcall / box-office require matching I.D.

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2005

Subject:9 DAYS LEFT...
Posted by:ubernacht.
Time:1:03 pm.
And everyone is confirmed...

NEXT STEPSCollapse )
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Subject:Drinking and RVing...
Posted by:syren666.
Time:7:49 am.
Mood: excited.
I was trying to look up the laws, and so far only came across this...

The law is very strict about carrying alcohol or drugs in a vehicle whether the vehicle is on or off the highway. You must not drink any alcoholic drink in any vehicle.

A container of liquor, beer, or wine carried inside the vehicle must be full, sealed, and unopened. Otherwise, it must be put in the trunk or a place where passengers don’t sit. Keeping an opened container of an alcoholic drink in the glove compartment is specifically against the law.

In a bus, taxi, camper, or motor home, the law does not apply to non-driving passengers.

So it looks like the non-drivers can booze it up in the back in Cali, as long as the driver isn't drunk. I'll be looking into the other states too, and post them as soon as I can find them.
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Subject:Indio Greyhound Station on Monday
Posted by:vebelfetzer.
Time:5:27 am.
Trying to figure out when I should get on the Greyhound in Indio on Monday.

When are we going to be mobile that day? Noon? Later? How late do the concerts that any of us want to see go on Sunday? PLZ ADVISE!
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Monday, April 18th, 2005

Subject:City of Angels
Posted by:vebelfetzer.
Time:10:32 pm.
Hey folks; Eliza here. AKA DJ Boushh, proprieter of the motherfucking jams.

I have a couple proposals. First of all, hands up those of you who want to see the new Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie. Alright, me too. It's out on the 29th, and I have a good friend in LA that I'd like to see it with. We should think about hitting that, if we have the time and inclination. Traffic would be a huge bitch, though.

You're right, HHGttG is a no-go. Too complicated.

Also, I'd like to stay in LA on our way back and then fly home on my own a few days later. This would free up some space in the RV for the long haul back to Seattle for you guys and whatever swag you get at Coachella; it would keep me from going insane from being cooped up with a bunch of people for so long (I like you guys, but I'm sort of nutty about being around people for too long, I'm going to be strung out from the crowds, and I don't want to be a downer), and let me spend some time with my friend down there. Since I'm not one of the RV drivers, it wouldn't affect the drive schedule.

I can get a greyhound from Indio to LA for $23, so we wouldn't have to battle LA traffic.

Indio to LA on the Greyhound is a go for me. Thanks!
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Posted by:syren666.
Time:5:04 pm.
Mood: satisfied.
Forcast according to Weather.com for Indio CA weekend of the festival...

Hi 90°F
Lo 61°F

YAY! Coming from AZ, I feel right at home in this weather. If you have fair skin, remember that we are going to be in the sun for a lot of the day. Make sure you drink lots of H2O, and maybe bring a hat, or something to shade yourself. I will have to go through all my supplies from AZ...squirt bottles, personal hand held electric fan, sunglasses, hat, and lots and lots of sunscreen. Maybe even a parisol, although holding onto that while trying to dance doesn't sound like fun. Also don't forget to dress for the weather. If you decide to wear your vinyl pants, and end up passing out from heat exhaustion from drinking alcahol all day and dehydrating...we are all going to take naughty pics with you and post them on the internet...and they we'll point and laugh. :)

I will probably be outfitted in a wife beater, cargo shorts (lots of pockets for supplies), and steal toed boots (both comfie AND will keep my feet from getting stepped on during what I predict will be a rough crowd for NIN.)

10 more days!!!!!
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