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Anyone driving to Alex's from Bellevue? I have luggage. Needa ride.

ALSO. I know I'm supposed to DJ or some shit, but bringing my laptop/speakers is going to be a problem. My laptop is fuckered, for those not in the know, and needs an external monitor. CRTs are big, and space is probably going to be at a premium. If you guys are sure we can spare monitor space, and we definitely have someone bringing a monitor, then I'll do it. otherwise, boom box only.

I will bring my big ass boombox and my CDs, regardless. I suggest you folks bring your CDs, too.

And a random, but kinda relevant note is that I'm allergic to wasp stings, and have previously reacted by going into anaphylactic shock. Just a medical heads-up. Don't think I've been stung in about seven years, though.
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