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Seattle to Coachella 2006

6 Open Seats (sign-up now)

Coachella 2006
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IS IT ON???!!!
My Space Seattle - Coachella Group

Mark Your Calendars!
Depart: Thursday Evening, April 27th
Return: Tuesday Evening, May 2nd

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Sign Up
We have a total of 7 open spots on the RV (pictured below). Last year everyone found it to be more than enough room for all 7. To sign-up, add yourslef to this community, or, if you don't have an LJ you can email me at ubernacht@gmail.com and I'll put you on the list.

I will be asking for a deposit at some point to ensure that there are minimum last minute drop-offs, but it will go towards the overall cost which is estimated below.

Feel free to browse last years posts on this journal to get an idea of what the trip planning will be like. I will be regularly updating this community as I revise the fee calculations for 2006.

Here are some Highlights from last years trip:

Most of us from last year - syren666, zacks_fuckinglj, jakerain, vebelfetzer, dubiousproposal, Devon and myself were relatively strangers. After the trip however, most of the group considered the biggest highlights of the trip not so much the music; but hanging out with each other in the RV.

Below are some of the highlights --

  • Almost getting shot for defiling the Mount Rushmore print on the side of the R.V. while at a rest-stop in Northern Cali

  • Mosh pit and stage diving in the RV in the middle of L.A. rush-hour traffic. (i believe one or more of the girls also flashed a school bus.)

  • Eliza giving a few hair tosses to the security gaurd of an elitist 'MotorCoach' park to gain free entrance. then proceeding to cook steaks on thier lawn - only to be kicked out by a large Mexican the following morning.

  • Making home-made bolognese sauce drunk, at 70mph

  • Getting Arizona frat-boyz drunk on absynth

  • Making one of said Arizona frat-boyz lick the dust off of gawth-boots in front of his disgusted friends (and taping it!)

  • Zack beating Arizona frat-boyz at a keg-rolling competition

  • Playing chicken with the back of the RV

  • Making a bunch of new friends....

  • Oh, and the music kicked ass as well (prodigy and bauhaus were smokin...

Guest list:
Here is the current guestlist.

1. ubernacht - confirmed
2. John (formerly dubiousproposal) - unconfirmed
3. J-kat - unconfirmed

Event Details
website: Coachella.com

Depart: Thurs, April 27th (pm)
Arrive: Friday, April 28th (pm)
Return: Monday, May 1st (pm)
Arrive: Tuesday, May 2nd (pm)

Campground: Riverside County Fairgrounds. First come/first serve (no reservations for Coachella), but the clerk indicated they don't forsee any space-difficulties.

RV Rental Info: B & M Enterprises, Inc. 10600 18th Ave. E. Tacoma, WA 98445 (253) 538-2710

Estimated Cost - From Last Year ('05)
Most of these are actual costs now...the only real estimates are for gasoline, food and booze (the latter two we will discuss how we want to handle in the community)

I will provide a breakdown of when we will need to collect the fees, but none are acutally due until time of pickup. It might be nice to collect some up front to ensure that you are going. We will discuss this in the forum.

Expense Item

Expense Total

Expense Per Person (total/7)

2 Day Pass to Show
$150.00 ($80 for 1 day)* Get Tickets Here
RV Rental
(4 days)
$718 $102
$300* n/a (I'll
cover this)
Est. Mileage expense
per mile x 2123 mi (400 free miles)
$615 $87
Est. Gasoline expense
mi. per gallon x est. 2523 mi at $1.90 per gallon)
$403 $58

Camping Fee
$75 $10

Est. Food
$100 $14

Est. Booze
$150 $22


$2061.00 $294
from totals

RV - C30, 30' Sleeps 7
Here is some info on the RV we are renting...vebelfetzer has some ideas on Decorating it, but I think we'll have to prod her a little bit to share her ideas. I believe Nabukov's Lolita was suggested?

Click on Pic to go to VR picture gallery