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Forcast according to for Indio CA weekend of the festival...

Hi 90°F
Lo 61°F

YAY! Coming from AZ, I feel right at home in this weather. If you have fair skin, remember that we are going to be in the sun for a lot of the day. Make sure you drink lots of H2O, and maybe bring a hat, or something to shade yourself. I will have to go through all my supplies from AZ...squirt bottles, personal hand held electric fan, sunglasses, hat, and lots and lots of sunscreen. Maybe even a parisol, although holding onto that while trying to dance doesn't sound like fun. Also don't forget to dress for the weather. If you decide to wear your vinyl pants, and end up passing out from heat exhaustion from drinking alcahol all day and dehydrating...we are all going to take naughty pics with you and post them on the internet...and they we'll point and laugh. :)

I will probably be outfitted in a wife beater, cargo shorts (lots of pockets for supplies), and steal toed boots (both comfie AND will keep my feet from getting stepped on during what I predict will be a rough crowd for NIN.)

10 more days!!!!!
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