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City of Angels

Hey folks; Eliza here. AKA DJ Boushh, proprieter of the motherfucking jams.

I have a couple proposals. First of all, hands up those of you who want to see the new Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie. Alright, me too. It's out on the 29th, and I have a good friend in LA that I'd like to see it with. We should think about hitting that, if we have the time and inclination. Traffic would be a huge bitch, though.

You're right, HHGttG is a no-go. Too complicated.

Also, I'd like to stay in LA on our way back and then fly home on my own a few days later. This would free up some space in the RV for the long haul back to Seattle for you guys and whatever swag you get at Coachella; it would keep me from going insane from being cooped up with a bunch of people for so long (I like you guys, but I'm sort of nutty about being around people for too long, I'm going to be strung out from the crowds, and I don't want to be a downer), and let me spend some time with my friend down there. Since I'm not one of the RV drivers, it wouldn't affect the drive schedule.

I can get a greyhound from Indio to LA for $23, so we wouldn't have to battle LA traffic.

Indio to LA on the Greyhound is a go for me. Thanks!
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