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Because I am anal...

Here are a bunch of FAQ's that I got from the Coachella website...


NO Instruments
NO Knives / Weapons Etc.
NO Chains / Chain Wallets
NO Blankets
NO Outside Food & Beverage
NO Camelpacks
NO Tents
NO Flags
NO Refunds Or Exchanges
NO Chairs
NO Video Cameras
NO Audio Recording Devices
NO Bota Bags
NO Professional Cameras
NO Stuffed Animals
NO Pets
NO Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia

OK Backpacks (medium)
OK Hats
OK Sun Block
OK Lighters
OK Sunglasses
OK Cigarettes
OK Small Beach Towel
OK All Ages Welcome
OK Fanny Packs
OK Digital Cameras (Non-Professional)
OK Disposable & Non-Professional Film Cameras

FACT Doors open at 11am both days
FACT Box-office opens 9am both days
FACT NO Ins & Outs
FACT Rain or Shine
FACT Parking is free
FACT Parking lots open at 9am both days
FACT Line up and set times subject to change
FACT Everyone subject to search upon entry
FACT Food/Beverage & other items are sold at the venue for CASH only
FACT Tickets to be picked up at willcall / box-office require matching I.D.

Is there just beer in the beer garden or will there be other alcohol choices?
No hard alcohol will be served at the festival. Beer and Wine will be available in designated areas, 21+ I.D. required.

How big is a medium backpack? / How will this be enforced?
A medium backpack should be no bigger than 20" tall, 15" wide and 9" thick packed. Bags will have to fit into a box of that size similar to the system used at Airports. If your bag doesn't fit in the box it won't be able to go inside the venue.

Can I bring an umbrella to block the sun?
Sorry, NO umbrellas will be allowed into the venue, however there will be shaded areas.

What about bringing in my medical prescription? IE: Diabetic insulin?
You should identify yourselves to security while waiting to enter the venue. Security will locate the medical folks adjacent to the main entrance, and they will assist you in storing and providing a secure area for diabetics. Medical prescriptions and accompanying names on those containers will need to match the person's proper ID.

Can I bring in eye drops for my contact lenses?
Yes, but it needs to be in a marked container.

Can I park my car or RV overnight in the main parking lot?
Sorry, there is no overnight parking allowed.

Can I park my RV overnight in the onsite camping parking lot? Even if we all buy camping tickets?
Sorry, there is no RV parking allowed in the onsite camping parking lot..

Can I bring a water squirt gun or mister?
Sorry, these will not be allowed into the venue, though there might be some mister fans available for purchase onsite.

Will there be a Mist tent?
Sorry, no, but there will be shaded areas.

Is Chapstick OK?

Will there be drinking fountains? And/or how much is water?
Yes there will be drinking fountains and bottled water will be sold for $2 at numerous locations.

Will there be vegetarian food offered?
There will be both Vegan and Vegetarian choices available along with a variety of other choices at the food courts.

Will there be flushable toilets and sinks available?
Yes there will be both.

Will there be payphones inside the venue?
Sorry, no.

Will there be ATM machines?
Yes, both inside and outside the venue grounds plus clearly marked on the festival guide.

Will there be lockers on site?
Sorry, no lockers will be available on site.

Will there be First Aid on site?
Yes. First Aid stations will be on site, clearly visible to find, and clearly marked on the festival guide.

What time does it end?
The festival ends at 12:00am midnight both nights.

Will there be a printable map with directions to the site?
We are planning to have maps available to you closer to the festival date, please check back for details. Until then you can visit our Directions page.

Will there be a festival map available ahead of time so we can see which bands will be at which stages/tent areas? And see locations of food courts, bathroom areas?
Yes there will be closer to the dates of the festival, check back. It will also be on the festival guide being passed out upon entrance. LINE UP SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Will you be posting set times in advance?
Yes, times will be posted just prior to the festival (a day or 2 in advance), please check back. Subject to change. Updated regularly. They will also be on the festival guide being passed out upon entrance.

I accidentally bought a Saturday ticket. Can I use it Sunday instead?
Sorry, No exchanges. Tickets are only good for date specified.

Will there be tickets sold at the event?
If tickets are still available, they will be sold at the event, Cash or Visa / Mastercard Only. Visit our Ticket Info page for complete ticketing information. If they are SOLD OUT, then NO. Check back here for updated info closer to the days of the event.

Will there be any 2-day passes sold at the event?
No,. 2-day passes are sold in advance only. Visit our Ticket Info page for complete ticketing information.

What time can I pick up my will call tickets or tickets left for me?
The box-office opens at 9:00am both days.

My friend who bought us tickets at will call is arriving after me, can I pick up just my ticket?
Sorry, I.D. matching the name the tickets were purchased for or left under is required.

What's the best time to arrive?
Parking opens 9:00am, Gates open at 11:00am. Arrive early to allow for possible traffic and security search at the entrance. Please try and carpool.

Will there be a sunglasses / visors or hats / sunscreen sold?
Yes there will be booths on site with those items.

What are considered professional cameras and professional digital cameras?
Any camera with a removable lense.
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